Split screen

Play with a friend with 2 player split screen.

Waves of enemies

The theme for the jam was waves!


Gather resources to craft a gun and barricades.

The team:

Tim van Kan

Game design student, third year. A highly skilled Blueprinter, who makes our game work.

Website: timvankan.com
Twitter: @TiMer_Games
LinkedIn: Tim van Kan

Tom Raudys

Game design student, third year. Also a highly skilled Blueprinter.

Website: tomraudys.com
Twitter: @TomRaudys
LinkedIn: Tom Raudys

Merel van der Wal

Game design student, second year. She created the level and assets.

Twitter: @Merel_vd_Wal
LinkedIn: Merel van der Wal

Dana van der Wal

A Game design student, first year. This is her first game jam. Here to gain experience. Helped with the assets.

How to play

A Pirate's Castle is a fun chaotic game, which you can play with a friend. Work together to stop the crabs and flying fish from destroying your castle! Craft crates and build a wall.